On Top of Big Glassy
Sure, it was fun getting on stage every night & making music, but the truly edifying moment of every day was getting up to the top of Big Glassy, the mountain right across the street from the playhouse, up behind Carl Sandburg's last homestead. A 3.1-mile round trip hike with some serious elevation attainment. Good for the heart AND soul...not to mention legs & waistline. (Chef Jim could pile on
the carbs…& I think I ate more red meat in 5 weeks than I have in the last 5 years.) Heck, I even wrote a song about it: "Big Glassy Is Big Enough For Me."

my raison d'etre
Every Friday night, they do this crazy thing called Midnight Studio...
everyone from apprenti to seasoned vets will do scenes, tunes, all sorts of creative & often irreverent performances. Here I am, in the midst of the world premiere of "I Live to Make You Happy,"
my first tune written since moving back to the east coast.

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